About Us
Philly INK was founded by Jack Bruder when one day he became frustrated trying to track down local signings of Philly athletes.  After browsing dozens of websites (some that wanted to charge) and forums just trying to find out about upcoming signings and learning of signings he missed Philly INK was born.  It started by posting on a forum about Philly athlete signings.  Shortly after the Face Book page and Twitter account (be sure to check them out for up to the minute info) followed by this website.  You will not find a more complete list of Philly athlete appearances on any other site.  You will find us out and about at the majority of signings and card shows in the area and love talking about the hobby. Our goal with this website is to help out others who enjoy this hobby as much as we do and to help everyones collection grow including our own.  Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and good luck graphing.  

Meet the team
Jack Bruder - Jack is the founder and creator of Philly INK.    Jacks passion for the hobby began when as a child he had the opportunity to meet the legendary Ron Hextall, still his all time favorite athlete.  It was  right before the Flyers playoff run in 1987 and Ron was doing an appearance at a sports equipment store owned by a friend of Jacks family.  The line must have had a few hundred people in line to meet him.  It seemed like thousands at the time.  Luckily Jack and his family where taken to the front of the line to meet Ron.  Ron talked to Jack for a few minutes and signed the stick the owner of the store had given to him (that he still owns to this day) and that was it he was hooked on the hobby.  His collection of autographs has grown to well over 3000 autographs over the years specializing in Flyers autographs but including the other 3 major sports.  Here is a link if you would like to check out his ever growing collection http://s610.photobucket.com/user/brudsie9/library/?page=1.   Jack is known for his projects, the biggest of which is getting an autograph from every Flyer to wear the crest on his sweater.  He currently stands at 526/562.  

Mike Hoch -  Mike is one of the newer members of Philly INK and very often the voice of reason.  If you've seen someone in the bitter cold with shorts and a child up to his waste, you probably have seen Mike.  Mike collects anything Philly related.  While the auto is important to him, the story about getting it is just as important.  As much as he can, he brings/drags little Michael along for the journey.  The wait in line can sometimes be tough but the interaction at the end always makes it worth it.  

EJ Erb -  Ej started collecting autographs at radio shows back when he was 15 years old before he became a proud member of the Philly INK team.  Ej has no shame when it comes to autographs.  As long as he can find an 8x10 of the person, he wants them in his collection.  It doesn't matter if the player is a Philly athlete, a pro wrestler, a celebrity chef or his man crush Peyton Manning.  If they are willing to sign EJ will be there.